Gratitude – Sometimes It Comes With A Price

This morning I received news that left me deeply disappointed. It was a letdown that actually brought me to tears. I spent some time feeling sorry for myself. I have had a rough past six months…and then this. I took a deep breath, re-grouped and the day continued. I know God has a plan for me and I trust in it. I need to remember that and see this as a set-forward, not a set-back.

The afternoon turned into a productive day. I drove home and decided that I would make November a month of gratitude; similar to my journey of #100happydays. As I sat in my recliner this evening and thought about all I have to be grateful for I received some very sad news. I learned that a woman from church died this morning. She had been fighting cancer for a while. I didn’t know her for long but long enough to know the world lost an amazing person this morning and heaven gained an angel. She was absolutely one of the most loving and humble people I have ever had the honor of knowing. And she had a smile that would light up any space. Whenever I saw her, she was smiling; no matter what. If you met her, you would have smiled too.

So what I thought I was grateful for today is not even close to what I am grateful for now. Tonight I am grateful for having known you Michelle. I am grateful for having known such a strong woman of strong faith; someone who lived and practiced it daily. Your example will live on forever.


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