Do We Always See The Signs?

Wednesday night as I was putting on Roxy’s collar to let her outside I heard a strange knock against the screen door. I looked out the door and saw a cardinal fluttering about. It seemed as though it was hurt and couldn’t take flight. I hesitated to open the door in fear Roxy would attack it but then it flew, wobbly, to a near by rhododendron bush. I stepped out the door, with Roxy in tow, and stood on the front lawn as she sniffed her way around the front lawn.

I heard another noise, turned around and saw the cardinal fly up toward the ceiling of our back porch. It looked like it was trying to find a place to land but there are no rafters there. It settled on sitting on the brick landing. It just sat there. I quickly turned around and took stock of Roxy’s whereabouts to ensure she didn’t pounce on the bird. Roxy was long gone in the neighbors yard.

It was a quiet night with a star filled sky. I stared at the stars and allowed my thoughts to wander for a few seconds. Then I called Roxy to go inside. I turned and the cardinal was no where in site. Roxy came bounding accross the lawn and headed to the porch. I stopped her because all of a sudden the cardinal was flying up toward the ceiling of the porch again. Roxy bolted up the stairs and started jumping up against the house in an attempt to catch the bird. I ran up, yelled at Roxy and opened the door. Surprisingly she listened to me and went right in. I closed the screen and back doors in hopes to drown the noise of the fluttering cardinal.

The photographer in me rushed to my camera to get a picture. I had my 100mm macro lens on. I was psyched! I walked to the door and saw the cardinal sitting on the brick landing again. I stared out the window, started to turn the door knob and then stopped. Roxy was staring at me and I didn’t want to arouse the bird again if she was hurt.

We walked back into the den and assumed our usual spots; Roxy on the couch and me in the recliner. We were both minding to ourselves when the bird body-slammed itself against the window screen a few times and was gone. I was freaked out and worried abou the bird’s safety. In the morning I mentioned to Mark what had happened last night. His reply was, “I think there is a nest inside the bush and she is protecting it.” I stood there dumb-founed. That aspect never occurred to me.

As mothers we are protective of our young.  We are willing to do anything to keep them from harm (even dive-bomb the enemy if necessary).  As Mother’s Day approaches I think of the fierce love I have for my daughter Emily and how I would do anything to protect her.  I had someone post that the bird appearing may have been a sign. It hasn’t appeared again.  Could that beautiful cardinal have been a sign to let me know that my mother still watches over me? I am choosing to think so.



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